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Making 8K+ streaming possible, affordable, & scalable.

From sports, to concerts, to travel and tourism or other live events, we offer the protocol for the highest quality video at the lowest bandwidth. 

Whether it’s high resolution streaming, or streaming 360º Video for VR on any Head-Mounted-Diplay (HMD), we are the leading provider of 8K video content delivery, rolling out KT’s SuperVR - the world's first 8K streaming platform -  in South Korea in March of 2020.

By using our SDK, content providers can deliver immersive video experiences at a fraction of the typical data consumption, without disruption, keeping your device’s power focused on more important things like reducing latency and multitasking.


Thanks to our patented technology, we are able to deliver 360º 8K video at a bitrate of 9-20Mbps where existing streaming services (Youtube, Amazon, Netflix) consume 15 to 30 Mbps for their 4K content.  Similarly, other services can only stream 180º  or uses upwards of 60Mbps for their 8K content.

Today’s streaming technology already maxes out internet streaming bandwidth in the average home when trying to stream 4K video; so in order for customers to consume higher quality content, bitrate needs to come down to keep costs reasonable.  We can improve your existing 4K experience, or enable you to offer 8K content at a fraction of the cost.


Because we are unique in our systems design, we are also flexible, and able to integrate with any private, or 3rd Party Cloud Based, Data Center with optimized, supercharged,  performance experienced when using private data centers and edge servers.


When it comes to 8K VR content, the use of private data centers shows a noticeable quality increase, driving demand for first party data centers as the desire for 8K content grows.  

Motion to Photon Latency

The time it takes for video to catch up to head movement.

Our Advantage

Data Savings


8K video quality at 4K bandwidth (<20Mbps)


Short Latency & Interactivity

No delay in screen switching.  Users can re-watch from different POV's

Flexibility of Service


Compatible with any CDN, private, on-site, or third-party cloud.


Video Quality

Tested & proven for 360° video at 7680x3860 resolution

Help Us Grow Your Business

Not only can we facilitate VOD streaming, but we can also enable 8K LIVE streaming as well.   If you have a camera that can stream 8K 360 video, we have the tech to get that video in front of your audience. 

Be the first in North America to offer 8K 360 video streaming by licensing and integrating the AlcaCruz SDK into your streaming apps.  The quality you’ll experience will be beyond compare.

Selling HMD’s? 

Integrate our SDK to deliver the highest quality content with the lowest bandwidth and lowest latency on the market.

Selling servers and data centers? 

Package an AlcaCruz SDK license along with your hardware so your customers can start delivering 8K content at 4K costs.


Optimizing Your Streaming Service? 

Allow us to power your content delivery to provide the highest definition video to your customers.


“The combination of KT’s 5G network optimization technology and AlcaCruz’s SuperStream solution enabled high performance 8K VR streaming and we launched the world’s first 8K VR service.

Compared to the other solutions, we put a high value on SuperStream’s efficiency that enables to stream high picture quality VR with low data and we are grateful for AlcaCruz’s engineering team that supports/maintains services quickly and reliably.

KT is very pleased to provide 8K high quality VR service to our customers and satisfied with the implementation of AlcaCruz’s SuperStream.”


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