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Put your streaming audience in the director’s chair.

SuperStream MultiView is a consumer-friendly, fully-interactive viewing experience that combines multiple video feeds into one stream.


With MultiView, teams have much more capability to coordinate and strategize together, giving them a strong competitive advantage.


Fans can be even more immersed in events and never miss a moment with coverage from every angle.


Viewers can focus on what is most interesting and relevant to them — from watching a player’s technique to examining a product’s intricate detail.

MultiView is a streaming service built on AlcaCruz’s award-winning and patented technology. 

MultiView gives content creators and platforms the ability to stream multiple live or recorded camera feeds simultaneously -- and perfectly time synchronized -- using intuitive screen and audio controls on any device.

Key Features & Functionality

High quality HD and UHD video over low bandwidth (5.5mbps)

Intuitive and powerful viewer control:

  • Screen layouts and number of screens are fully customizable

  • Viewers control what they watch from multiple streams with the swipe of a finger

  • User-controlled instant replay, including re-watching the play from different angles

Each screen is perfectly time-synchronized with the other, so the action happens with no loss of synch due to buffering 

Can be watched on any Android or IOS device with desktop now available 


Compatible with all standard broadcasting equipment







Simultaneous multi-view streaming has many applications: sports, eSports, concerts, live events, channel programming, education, medical, shopping, etc. – anywhere multiple screens or camera angles are beneficial. Viewers can be even more immersed in the action and never miss a moment with coverage from every angle.

Advertising Overlays

Fully interactive websites inside the app so your users can stay in the app while engaging with sponsorship content. 

Help Us Grow Your Business


CruzTV is a service for content creators to livestream multiple feeds to an interactive, multi-platform app allowing their viewers to navigate through different POV’s of the same, or different, subject matter depending on the channel content.

Using our SuperStream technology, we are able to provide 4 HD feeds and stream them at a bandwidth of 5.5Mbps allowing for higher quality video and no buffering.

Got content? 

Looking for a more interactive user experience?  Ask about MultiView, streaming 4 feeds simultaneously - and synchronously -where the user can select their favorite view.

License our SDK

and brand your own streaming app for exclusive content.  Our software works with any data center which, depending on whether it is a 3rd party cloud solution like AWS or GCP or a private datacenter on a dedicated edge server, your performance will accelerate upwards of 10x

“CruzTV is a smart and easy to use interface that has superior multi stream setups that allow me Produce more media at the same time without the compromise of quality!”

~Bemmie, Professional esports commentator & streaming personality


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