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More coverage. Less Cost. No Hassle.

SuperStream MultiView and SuperStream VR are taking sports to the next level by putting fans in the director's chair as well as into the actual sporting environment/venue.

SuperStream MultiView

1.   Ease of Use of UX/UI

2.   Four Videos Streaming at Only 5.5 Mbps

3.   Perfectly Time Synchronized

4.   Zero Time Lag When Switching Views

5.   No Loss of Game Play from Buffering

6.   Multiple Audio Sources

7.   Rewind for Instant Change of View/Replay

8.   Multiple Views Available in Portrait and Landscape

9.   Customizable UI: Two Screens up to Ten Screens Available

10. Social Media/Chat Feature Functionality

11. Commercials/Banner Ads Displayed in Quadrants

12. Live and Recorded Streaming

13. Traditional Sports (TS) And Esports (ES)

14. Platforms: 1. iOS; 2. Android; 3. Television; 4. PC.

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