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SuperStream Leads The Way Powering KT's SuperVR

The worlds first 8K VR streaming service over 5G networks now available in Korea through KT.

"KT released'Super VR' , a 4K wireless standalone VR service, in July last year. Starting next month, 8K VR content will be provided as a streaming service through the '8K Premium' tube of the'Super VR Watch' application. The service was developed by combining KT 's 5G network optimization technology with Silicon Valley's startup AlcaCruz's 'SuperStream Solution'. The heart of the service is ultra high-capacity 8K VR. After dividing the content into hundreds of pieces and storing it in the cloud, it transmits only the screen of the area corresponding to the angle in real time according to the user's viewing angle. Through this, KT explained that users can enjoy 4K times higher resolution 8K VR contents even in a wireless network environment because there is no slowdown or video dropping . KT is VR various materials 8K to the palace, including the Korea Taekwondo representative and cultural assets, such as K-pop with a content production company AVA Entertainment VR to produce the content. Until the end of this year, ultra-high resolution of approximately 100 yeopyeon VR will equip content ... Park, Jeong - Ho KT Cust Murray ( the Customer ) new business headquarters IM business manager, managing director, "We combine a variety of technologies and a wide range of genres premium VR immersive media market that serves the content "We plan to expand this.""


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