About Us

We are a team of diverse skill sets and backgrounds. We are united, however, under the same mission: To unleash the power of live streaming and immersive experiences and delight fans everywhere.

About MultiView

Every fan is different, and the way they watch their favorite team, player, and/or sport is also different.

With MultiView, the fan now has the ability to watch what they want, how they want.

With MultiView, our 4 streams are less than 5.5 Mbps, and that is with a 1080p resolution for each stream. If each stream is at 720p, our bandwidth usage is less than 2.5Mbps.

And, because MultiView is perfectly time synchronized, fans never have to miss a play, either live or after they have recorded the action.

About SuperStream LIVE

We developed an innovative VR video streaming technology called Superstream LIVE. It is the first VR streaming solution able to stream a live 6K VR video at 6Mbps, with less than 10 second delay between the actual event and user receiving the video and less than 1 second latency time during the foveated watching.

We stream the highest quality VR videos with the lowest data rate. The patented breakthrough technology allows the user to stream 6K and 4K VR videos in real time.

We are optimizing the data to as low as 20% of the original data, guaranteeing cost savings for our clients while delivering the best experience for the end users. Alcacruz provides new and immersive experiences and sensations.

Let's make memories together.