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Stream Faster,  Better & Smarter.

AlcaCruz brings the highest quality live streaming content to your viewers, players and fans while significantly lowering your cloud costs.

Live sports, esports, concerts, virtual events.

Multiple angles, multiple players, multiple games on multiple devices.

Augmented and virtual reality.

360° views.

Advertising revenue opportunities.


AlcaCruz is your expert source for transforming and maximizing your live events and delighting your customers.

Why AlcaCruz?

Data Savings


8K video quality at 4K bandwidth (<20Mbps)


Short Latency & Interactivity

No delay in screen switching.  Users can re-watch from different POV's

Flexibility of Service


Compatible with any CDN, private, on-site, or third-party cloud.


Video Quality

Tested & proven for 360° video at 7680x3860 resolution


Sports teams, Leagues, Conferences

Give your fans a fully immersive experience anywhere in the world.


Production Professionals

More coverage.  Less cost.  No Hassle.


VR Content Providers

Provide the highest quality VR content at the lowest bandwidth to delight and engage your customers with the best experience possible.

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