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We will take you to the breathtaking places and events,
help you enjoy and cherish the life’s event as they unfold, from your comfortable sofa.

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Why 6K & 4K Live VR
matters to you and your clients

Immersive experience starts from LIVE VR. And now, live VR streaming is within reach.
Simple, easy and quick integration with your camera system and your platform.

Superstream LIVE is a GPU based S/W solution
for 6K and 4K Live VR video streaming

Any 6K and 4K LIVE streaming 360
cameras to any HDM on any network

Streaming highest quality VR videos
on the lowest bandwidth

Explosive supply of
high quality VR content

Why we stand out

Best quality of VR experience, period!

Least broadcasting delay
(less than 10 sec)

Easy scalability for any number of
concurrent users

Fast integration to your platform
or services

Lowest live VR production cost


About Us

We are a team of different skill sets and different backgrounds. We are united under one goal and the goal is to unleash the potential of what the virtual reality can really do: Deliver the world of immersive experience to your favorite chair.

About Superstream LIVE

We developed an innovative VR video streaming technology called Superstream LIVE. Its’ the first VR streaming solution able to stream a live 6K VR video at 6Mbps, with less than 10 second delay between the actual event and user receiving the video and less than 1 second latency time during the foveated watching.

We stream the highest quality VR videos with the lowest data rate. The patented breakthrough technology utilizes the GPU power to optimize and stream 6K and 4K VR videos in real time.

We are optimizing the data to as low as 20% of the original data, guaranteeing cost savings for our clients while delivering the best experience for the end users. VR is all about an experience, a new immersive sensation impossible for other medium to replicate. Make it memorable and we will deliver the experience.

Superstream and Superstream LIVE is a foveated, single streaming technology to deliver the highest quality VR videos.

Using Superstream and Superstream LIVE streaming data amount changes: 6K original VR video’s data rate goes from 30 Mbps to 6 Mbps, 4K original VR video’s data rate goes from 15 Mbps to 3 Mbps, guaranteeing a saving of 75% of data on average.

Live streaming of 6K/4K VR videos include real time optimization. We have worked with most 360 4K Live capable cameras and works with any CDN service.


Contact us if ...

  • - You want to see your creation in Superstream™.
  • - You want to Live stream in 4K or 6K.
  • - You want your platform to enhance user experience.
  • - You want to save streaming cost.


Offices in Silicon Valley and Seoul